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LED Lighting

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LED Lighting

By Jane Selvidge, Marketing Manager at Ultima Displays

Making your displays stand out and attracting attention can be achieved with low energy LED lighting.  You can focus attention on the elements you want to highlight with LED lights which use less energy, run cooler and last longer; greater efficiency means lower power consumption whilst providing higher light outputs. 

As LED lights run cooler, they are safer to handle meaning that you do not have to allow them to cool before packing them away.

Ultima displays lighting range now almost entirely consists of LED lights replacing our range of Halogen lights and our Pop-Up bundles all carry LED lights as standard.  

Measuring Light – Watts and Lumens Explained

Traditionally light is measured in watts, which is a measurement of power not light output. With new and more efficient LED technology, lumens (lm) are the preferred measurement of light.

One lumen is equivalent to the light emitted from one wax candle. For example; a 40-watt light bulb has a lumen output of approx 450lm. Our range of LED lights have a lumen of 1200 but only use 12 watts, giving off bright white light, whilst using only a fraction of the energy compared to traditional halogen lights.


Make your brand #unmissable with our LED lighting range.

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