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Vector Lite Exhibition Stand Gallery

Vector Lite exhibition stands are impressively easy to put together whilst also offering maximum return on investment. The beauty of Modular stand designs is that they are versatile, re-configurable and most importantly re-usable, giving you total freedom to recreate your stand time and again. You can choose from a range of stand designs below, or get creative and design your own stand that will impress everyone who visits. Complete your stand design with stunning visuals, which can be printed and attached in a range of media including foam board, Pop-Up PVC or silicone edged textile fabric due to the clever design of the Vector Lite system.

Take a look at the Vector Lite Brochure to see just how easy the system is to use.

"Manuella" stand S1 and variations






"Shakern Cow" stand S5 and variations






"Jump Jump" stand S12 and variations 






"Pinchin's" stand SC1 and variations






"Puakai" stand SC5 and variations





"Valenciaga" stand SC8 and variations





Vector Lite Counters








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