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Complete Printing Service Solution

Print Services


We understand that meeting your customer's print demands can be both expensive and time consuming.

The complete service, in-house.

Our combined hardware and graphics printing service offers you an unbranded printing solution with all the benefits of a large print facility without the financial outlay. We can also support you with graphic only printing should you have purchased your hardware elsewhere.

With fast turnaround, you can order your hardware, have your graphics printed and fitted and receive the complete job in one consignment, direct to you or your customer via our white label service.

Because we can offer the complete service in-house, you can receive your job within as little as two days* of your order.



Choose your hardware
Upload your artwork to our FTP site which will be pre-flight checked, then your files will be sent back for approval and sign off


Choose from a range of textiles - rollable substrates, rigid or fabric to suit your display application


We will prepare your graphic for the fitting option of your choice; trimming, sewing, mounting, laminating and eyeleting


Graphics are pre-fitted for quality checking before packing and dispatch




Trade Printing Capability


This is a direct to textile process that bonds water-based ink within the textile, making it watertight and fade resistant for at least six months. Dye sublimated fabrics can be safely folded for transportation and washed without risk of running or fading. Ideal for flags, hop-ups and selected exhibition display units.


This printing process uses ultra violet light to cure the ink onto a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates for many different products. Once cured, the ink is bonded to the substrate and will not require lamination.


Additional 100 micron textured laminate applied to print media. Suitable for application to premium polyester banner or pop-up PVC substrates for extra durability and ware.


Latex printers use internal radiant heaters and forced airflow to cure the inks inside the printer to produce dry, ready-to-use prints that are dry out of the printer and ready to display, finish or prepare for shipment. Prints can be laminated immediately using cold, hot, or liquid processes negating the need for an external print dryer.

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