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Hardware > Accessories > Literature Holders

Cascade Banner - code CRB-001

Cascade Banner

Practical and versatile optional banner for use with the Cascade Literature Holder. Easy to assemble and lightweight in design, this adaptable banner can be mounted any way preferred, allowing you to promote your message from either side of the literature holder.

Cascade Banner - CRB-001

Injection Moulded Literature Holders - code AH5DLP/AH5A5P/AH5A4P

Injection Moulded Literature Holders

The Injection Moulded Literature Holder is ideal for making the most out of an existing stand. The gently curving profile and smoky light grey plastic has real aesthetics.

Injection Moulded Literature Holder A4 - AH5A4P

Injection Moulded Literature Holder A5 - AH5A5P

Injection Moulded Literature Holder DL - AH5DLP

Literature Universal Bracket - code FX839

Literature Universal Bracket

The Literature Holder Bracket is a secure conduit with which an Injection Moulded Literature Holder can be mounted to a Universal Accessory Clamp. The literature holder simply slides over the bracket and accepts all three sizes, DL, A4 and A5. The bracket can be adjusted so that when it is mounted horizontally it can lean forward or back, yet when it is mounted vertically, the bracket can pivot left or right.

Literature Universal Bracket - FX839

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