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Ultima Displays Environmental Awareness

Ultima Displays actively promotes a culture of environmental awareness within the business and engages all employees with initiatives that encourage sensible use of resources and compliance with the recycling policy.

A recycling program is in operation for all unavoidable waste from its operations; including cardboard, MDF and aluminium and paper. Where possible, materials are purchased from sustainable sources; MDF purchased for manufacturing is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Compliant.

Ultima Displays is keen to be recognised within the display industry as an environmentally friendly company and to comply with environmental legislation. Ultima Displays is committed to a process of continual improvement, which is central to its forward plans.

  The majority of products produced by Ultima Displays will be used to hang a graphic. For environmental as well as economic reasons, it is necessary to supply products that are suitable for multiple-use. Ultima Displays´ products are designed with graphic interchangeability as a prerequisite.

The modular display systems featured in the Ultima Displays range are specifically designed to be reusable and reconfigurable so they can be adapted and built on to accommodate different display needs. Wherever possible, Ultima Display´s own-designed modular products and components are designed to work with existing modular components, allowing for extension of functionality; extending the shelf-life of existing systems.


Objectives: Policy and measures

Environmental objectives and targets are reviewed and audited as part of a commitment to continuous improvement. Some of the basic environmental goals are listed below:

WASTE - to reduce general waste going to landfill

HAZARDOUS WASTE - to ensure any hazardous waste is safely disposed of using approved carriers

ENERGY - to significantly reduce the use of Gas/Electricity

EMISSIONS TO AIR - to extend its influence with hauliers to ensure the use of energy efficient engines and to only use vehicles with low CO2 emissions.
  To work with its suppliers to influence where it can, their impacts upon the Environment. Ultima Displays manufactures and purchases many products and components from overseas suppliers, principally from China, its buying power enables Ultima Displays to insist that suppliers meet its environmental standards.

Members of the company make regular checks on every aspect of the supply chain to ensure that both environmental and ethical standards are maintained.

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