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Vector LED Uses and Applications

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Thinking outside the box: How retailers can capitalise on the Vector trend

By Jane Selvidge, Marketing Manager at Ultima Displays

Could it work for you?

Whatever you sell, whether it’s cars, homewares, stationery, groceries or clothing there’s a market waiting to be illuminated.

Whilst what’s inside the Vector LED box is not important to your audience, it’s what’s displayed on the outside of the Vector LED lightbox itself that drives excitement. 

Viewers are treated to crisp illuminated displays advertising your latest offer or simply showcasing your brand. The light box graphics can be updated as frequently as you require to refresh your marketing messages.

Capitalising on curiosity

Humans are curious by nature and we are always looking for the latest trend or the new kid on the block, searching out inspirations where ever we are.  

Simply put, Vector LED displays grab the attention of your audience peaking their curiosity by adding the wow factor to your displays. 

Getting started

If you’re thinking about creating your own vector LED display, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you get started. 


First think about where you want to position your Vector LED box to either compliment your surroundings or maximise on your advertising in heavy footfall areas. Wall mounted lightboxes can support your décor, but committing to a permeant position is not always necessary as our freestanding light boxes can be easily be repositioned.

Think outside the box

It’s what’s on the outside of the box that counts. Think about how your advertising and branding will look when its illuminated. Think about the frequency with which you wish to change your marketing messages, they don’t have to be a permanent image and can be changed as often as necessary to keep up with seasonal offers.

The possibilities are limitless….

….with Vector LED Lightboxes. Whether you require a free-standing or wall mounted display solution, your displays are guaranteed to benefit from the strongest visual impact and creative designs on the market, which can be adapted for any location. 

Ensure your visual display has a bright future. If you’d like to see more of our award-winning Vector range, visit:

UK:  http://www.ultimadisplays.co.uk/ProductGrid/ByProduct/?tab=1&categoryId=2147499011

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