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Formulate Triplet Hanging Structure



A truly unique hanging structure, this cleverly designed Formulate Structure features a triangle core with three spiralling flippers on the corners. Nicknamed the Pinwheel, the Triplet Hanging structure is sure to grab attention. Thanks to its unique design, the graphic area is extensive, giving multiple surfaces with which to design brilliant attention grabbing stretchy fabric graphics.


  • Easy fit graphic socks with zip fastening
  • With hanging loops to enable the structure to suspend from ceiling


Note: cables not included



Choose from available hardware variants


unit Price MSRP

€ 625.00

Do you require printed graphics to be supplied with your order?




Hardware Dims: (h) x (w) x (d)


FMHS-PIN-01 - Formulate Triplet Hanging Structure 3m - 914 x 3048 x 3048mm*

(3 hanging points)

FMHS-PIN-02 - Formulate Triplet Hanging Structure 4.3m - 1524 x 4267 x 4267mm* 

(3 hanging points)

FMHS-PIN-03 - Formulate Triplet Hanging Structure 4.9m - 1524 x 4877 x 4877mm* 

(3 hanging points)

*3048/4267/4877mm refers to the width of each side of the Triplet structure.  

*Please test your substrate suitability before use


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