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Go bigger, bolder and better with Modular Vector!


By Andy Jakes, Product Manager at Ultima Displays


Whatever space you have available to make an impression, Modular Vector is right for you! Whether you require a large shell scheme or space-only stands, there will be something within our range for all customers.


Modular Vector comes with a flexible range of products, including: light boxes, arches, hanging structures, storage and media areas. This vast range will prepare clients for changeable scenarios and environments and enable them to maximise a stands visual effect.


With a lightweight design, the Modular Vector range is easy to construct and dismantle yourself. If you decide you need a different size stand, Modular Vector is very adaptable and simple to reconfigure. Plus, the range offers even more flexibility with its building block design - simply buy additional Vector modules to optimise your stands visual presence!


Similarly, graphics can also be easily changed and updated to create a fresh look or alternative messaging, including the use of different media substrates to create vibrant looks and textures from fabric to rigid panels. We now offer new state of the art dye-sub and UV designs for those bright and vibrant display requirements! So, if you’re planning for your stand to illuminate, this is your product. We also have a variety of accessories you can purchase for your stand, including linkable LED lights, LCD screen brackets, shelf tables, tablet holders and stabilising feet for extra security.


After all, our Modular Vector range is not produced to be used only once! You can pack away the structure and install it again when it’s required. This feature is perfect if a customer is always on the go, attending and exhibiting at many shows in a short time frame.


If you want your design quality to be high but your costs to be low, Modular Vector can help win new business, dazzle current clients and make you stand out from the crowd at any exhibition, event or showroom. Go bigger, go bolder, go better and try Modular Vector today! Find out more about the range here.

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