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Hardware > Tension Banners

Formulate Curl - code FMSS-VS-03

Formulate Curl

Beautifully curved, the Formulate Curl is a seductive alternative to a banner. The gentle oscillation imitates the curves found on the Formulate Serpentine and Formulate Serpentine Slope making them ideal counterparts to the Formulate Curl.

Formulate Curl - FMSS-VS-03

Formulate Monolith - code FORM-MON

Formulate Monolith

This monolithic lightweight structure is mounted on a sturdy metal base for extra stability, hinged for ease of transportation from sizes 900mm wide upward. Easy-fit fabric graphic which conceals the structure beneath.

Formulate Monolith 600mm Wide - FORM-MON-600

Formulate Monolith 800mm Wide - FORM-MON-800

Formulate Monolith 900mm Wide - FORM-MON-900

Formulate Monolith 1000mm Wide - FORM-MON-1000

Formulate Monolith 1200mm Wide - FORM-MON-1200

Formulate Monolith 1500mm Wide - FORM-MON-1500

Formulate Monolith Eco - code FORM–MON–ECO

Formulate Monolith Eco

The new Formulate Monolith Eco has a 25mm Diameter anodised aluminium tube frame with Powder Coated steel feet, which attach with a screw and washer for extra stability. The Monolith Eco is supplied in a carry bag and the light weight aluminium frame is less than the standard Monolith making it extremely easy to transport.

Formulate Monolith Eco 800mm - FORM–MON–ECO–800

Formulate Monolith Eco 1000mm - FORM–MON–ECO–1000

Formulate Snake - code FORM-SNA

Formulate Snake

Large and powerful snake shaped freestanding Formulate banner.  Stretch the tensioned fabric sock over the tubular frame and with great graphics this snake stand is bound to draw attention 

Formulate Snake - FORM-SNA

Formulate Wave - code FORM-WAVE

Formulate Wave

Make an impact with the new, towering Formulate Wave. This imposing tension banner, dressed in a washable, zipped tension fabric is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.


Stealth - code UB106


Stealth is a modular, linkable banner system designed to create seamless graphic displays, providing a highly portable and easy-to-use backdrop for all types of presentation, exhibition or retail application. 

Single Stealth 800mm wide - UB106

Uno - code UB101C


Uno is a tension styled banner available in 800mm and 1000mm and up to 2.9m high. The unit is very versatile and will accept Polyester, PVC or silicone edge textile fabric.

Uno 800mm (w) - UB101C-800-B

Uno 1000mm (w) - UB101C-1000-B

Vortex - code UB722-C


A simple yet effective free standing tension banner. The Vortex frame is quick to assemble and graphics  are housed separately to the base unit, so are easy to change and refit. 

Vortex - UB722-C

Vortex Lite - code UB722-01

Vortex Lite

Vortex Lite Basics X Banner

Vortex Lite - UB722-01

Wedge - code UB102


Simple and cost-effective, the Wedge banner holder does exactly what its name suggests. It holds a variety of rigid graphics in its robust steel holder, supporting a range of sizes and thicknesses. Wedge has been designed for quality and usability as well as easy storage.

Wedge 300mm wide- UB102-300-S

Wedge 600mm wide - UB102-600-S

Wedge 800mm wide - UB102-800-S

Wedge 1000mm wide - UB102-1000-S

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