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Hardware > Backwalls > Formulate

Formulate Arch - code FORM-ARCH-01

Formulate Arch

The Formulate Arch is a 3m high, freestanding walkway solution. Easy to build, lightweight with graphics on both sides as standard.

Formulate Arch - FORM-ARCH-01

Formulate Curved Slope - code FMLT-CSS-OS01/02

Formulate Curved Slope

The Formulate Curved Slope creates a subtle back wall; it tapers down gently from tall to short with a mildly sweeping curve.

Formulate Curved Slope 3m - FMLT-CSS-OS01

Formulate Curved Slope 6.1m - FMLT-CSS-OS02

Formulate Horizontal Curve - code FORM-CUR

Formulate Horizontal Curve

The Formulate Horizontal Curve Fabric Display is one of the most popular configurations within the Formulate range. With its curved, concave shape it offers an inspiring alternative to a Straight Fabric Display. As with all Formulate products, the Curved Fabric Display is strong and sturdy as well as extremely light weight and portable.

Formulate Horizontal Curve 2.4m - FORM-CUR-24

Formulate Horizontal Curve 3.0m - FORM-CUR-30

Formulate Horizontal Curve 6.0m - FORM-CUR-60

Formulate Serpentine - code FMLT-SSS-01/03

Formulate Serpentine

Undulating fabric curves, the Formulate Serpentine creates a stunning back wall designed to display eye-catching fabric graphics.

Formulate Serpentine 2.4m - FMLT-SSS-01

Formulate Serpentine 6.1m - FMLT-SSS-03

Formulate Serpentine Slope - code FMLT-SSS-OS01/02

Formulate Serpentine Slope

Undulating fabric curves, the Formulate Serpentine slope creates a stunning back wall or dividing wall designed to display eye-catching fabric graphics.

Formulate Serpentine Slope 3.0m - FMLT-SSS-OS01

Formulate Serpentine Slope 6.1m - FMLT-SSS-OS02

Formulate Straight - code FORM-STR

Formulate Straight

The versatile Formulate Straight makes an ideal back wall or dividing wall ensuring that an exhibition space can be more dynamic and attractive. The Straight Fabric Display with its large print area provides ample space for artwork to be showcased. The structure can be quickly put up and like all Formulate products;it is incredibly portable and makes an ideal exhibition companion.

Formulate Straight 2.4m - FORM-STR-24

Formulate Straight 3.0m - FORM-STR-30

Formulate Straight 4.0m - FORM-STR-40

Formulate Straight 5.0m - FORM-STR-50

Formulate Straight 6.0m - FORM-STR-60

Formulate Straight Slope - code FMLT-SLS-OS01/02

Formulate Straight Slope

This Straight Slope fabric display makes an ideal dividing wall or back wall. Tapering gently from left to right (or vice versa) adds an angular dimension to a display or stand.

Formulate Straight Slope 3.0m - FMLT-SLS-OS01

Formulate Straight Slope 6.1m - FMLT-SLS-OS02

Formulate Vertical Curve - code FMLT-USS-02

Formulate Vertical Curve

Concave and resting back on two aluminium legs, this display stand offers a large format display and the form will spark interest and intrigue.

Formulate Vertical Curve 6.1m - FMLT-USS-02

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