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The "Treasured toys" Vector Lite Stand SC1 uses curved and straight panels offering a higher back wall with a curved feature in the centre, the front of the stand has two lower walls with curved corners to section off from the walk way.

Vector Lite is the latest innovation in exhibition displays. Simple in functionality and sleek in design this range is perfect for creating exciting and easy to build display stands.

The light weight aluminium panels are easily assembled and come in a range of standard sizes allowing you to create different configurations.

Complete your display with single or double sided graphics using a range of media including foam board, PVC vinyl, or textile fabric which are fitted into a cleverly designed channel.



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€ 1560.25

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Standard Panels Used:

2Curved 1000 X 450VLF-C1-00
42000 X 450VLF-H1-00
12000 X 200VLF-H10-00
41000 X 950VLF-H8-00
4Curved 2000 X 450VLF-C3-00
2Post MouldingVLP-01
4Frame Post 1000VLP-1000
4Joining HookVLF-03

*Please test your substrate suitability before use


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